Rain, back to school, and stir fry…oh my!

It has been raining like crazy here lately. I had to end my beach day early the other day with my friends Annie and Connie, which was a major bummer. As it was the last few days of sweet summertime, we were hoping to lay out as much as possible. Well my friends, it was not possible. Not with Mother Nature raining down on us. “Too bad, so sad,” she said. So we packed it up, and headed out.

Bye bye, beach

Today was the first day back to school for teachers. As you all may know, I began teaching at a different school this year, First Flight Elementary. I will be teaching Español. Yup, this white girl is teaching Spanish. Hopefully the kids won’t be fooled by this gringa. Today began with a staff meeting (and Duck Donuts..yessssss!) and then concluded with me running frantically around my classroom going through old stuff left by previous teachers and freaking out. I accidentally drank coffee this morning and was jacked up, so you can imagine my ADD self trying to get things done..S.P.A.Z.

I got through quite a bit and left my room today with massive piles of….books…piled up. Hopefully tomorrow I can begin the fun stuff, like decorating!

Huge pile o’…

After a few more errands and the gym after school, I finally arrived home. B is the best. He went to the store and was about to start on some stir fry (his fave). He also popped open some vino. The Flip Flop Pinot Noir is quite delectable, if you haven’t tried it, and is very cheap, which is a plus. I suggest trying some!!

stir fry + wine!

Stay tuned for more classroom updates throughout the week!


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