Beergaritas + friends

After we left the beach, a huge thunderstorm rolled in, so B and I hurried up and bought some groceries for dinner and got back home. The concept of a summer thundershower is very new to me. Clouds, rain, thunder, and lightning? In summer? Hmmmm.

B had a great idea for dinner: Hawaiian barbeque chicken sandwiches. We thought we would love to share this excellent dinner with some good friends of ours, Dave and Kara. They obliged.

After getting back home, B put the chicken cutlets in a brine of water, olive oil, salt and a bay leaf:

B’s Brine

Everyone in the pool

After brining the chicken, B cut up some tomatoes and cucumbers and marinated them in a sesame soy dressing. He also cut up a pineapple to grill along with some red onion for the sandwiches.

Cuttin’ up the cukes


Once Dave and Kara arrived, I wasted no time in trying a recipe for beergaritas I found on one of my favorite blogs: Iowa Girl Eats. Over the course of the evening I made a few rounds, and we agreed the second round was the best. We altered the recipe by doubling the tequila (shhh, don’t tell) and putting in some extra limeade. Sooner rather than later, beergaritas became our best friend and had Dave speaking pirate. Who knew Dave could speak pirate!?


Dinner ended up being delicious! Way to go B! Sweet Baby Ray’s vidalia onion bbq sauce over the grilled chicken with grilled red onions, pineapple, melted muenster cheese, on a toasted bun. Soooo good.

BBQ Hawaiian Chicken sando

By the end of the night, we were feeling pretty good. It was great to spend time with Dave and Kara and their little man Vinny who is four months old. Next time I have to remember to snap a shot of the Gaspari family for the blog. At the end of the night, even my iPhone knew what I had been up to. While responding to someone’s Facebook post about the Budweiser Lime-a-rita, it autotyped beergaritas for me. Creeeeepy.

Am I that predictable??!

It was a great night with great friends….and great beergaritas.


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