Eggy in a…

Some people say Eggy in a hole, some say Eggy in a basket, and others may just say bullseye. Which do you say?  Any way you put it, to me, it is the ultimate breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. Period. Our day off started with B making some delicioso eggy in a (insert what you use here).

Eggy in a hole..minus the eggy

First, let’s just note that I don’t attempt to make this. B is my eggy hero and CoB..Chief of this beach apartment. He begins with using a small beer glass to make the hole and makes sure to butter the griddle before. Butter is a very important step not to be missed. It gives the bread it’s golden brown, butter taste. Neeeeeext….

Chef Bailey

You snap a photo of the handsome chef whilst in the middle of cooking. 😉 B knows that I am freaked out by egg yolks, so he puts egg white in my toast and he does dub egg yolks for him. Last…

Breakfast time!

B tops mine off with some cheese because I am obsessed with cheese. Don’t judge. I am also warming up to the idea of coffee. I love everything to do with coffee: the smell, coffee ice cream, etc. The taste of just plain coffee makes my stomach churn, though. I know B would love nothing more than a partner to drink morning coffee with, so I’m giving it a try. I’m soooo weak accommodating.

After we ate some breakfast and got our act together, we decided to head to the beach. B enjoyed some of his favorite pastimes, surfing and fishing.

Get it B!

Yup, that’s a straw hat Kmart special that B is wearing, God bless it.

And I enjoyed some of my favorite Sloth-like pastimes, such as reading and tanning.


The beach was awesome and it was nice to relax before the impending school year begins next week for me. That’s all for now. Stay tuned for dinner with friends!


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