Posted in August 2012

Bailey Stewart

Well guys, I don’t know what to tell ya. Bailey was killin’ it with making dinners this week. Sometimes when he goes on cooking streaks, especially using the crock pot, I like to call him Bailey Stewart. Since I’ve been working 10-11 hour days all week setting up my classroom, Bailey has stepped up to … Continue reading

Beergaritas + friends

After we left the beach, a huge thunderstorm rolled in, so B and I hurried up and bought some groceries for dinner and got back home. The concept of a summer thundershower is very new to me. Clouds, rain, thunder, and lightning? In summer? Hmmmm. B had a great idea for dinner: Hawaiian barbeque chicken … Continue reading

Eggy in a…

Some people say Eggy in a hole, some say Eggy in a basket, and others may just say bullseye. Which do you say?  Any way you put it, to me, it is the ultimate breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. Period. Our day off started with B making some delicioso eggy in a … Continue reading

Hello Blogging World!

Hey Friends and Fam, Well here marks the first post of my blog. Yipee! I feel accomplished already….riiiiight. The whole point of this blog is to tie my family and friends from the best (er) west coast to the right (er) east coast. Since before meeting B, I had no clue that the Outer Banks … Continue reading